Monday, 15 April 2024 09:47


Written by Oro TIPC

Atty. Spencer Palen of the City Mayor's Office, will be embarking on an enriching journey to our sister city, Gwangyang, as part of the esteemed K2H Fellowship program. This program invites officials from world local governments to work in Korea for 6 months to a year, enhancing international exchange in local governance.

The K2H Fellowship kicks off with a 10-day pre-intensive training course, covering Korean administration, history, culture, and an intensive language course to prepare participants for their stay. Following this, participants will embark on their placement with a Korean local government. Upon completion, participants like Atty. Spencer Palen will have gained a deeper understanding of Korea, contributing significantly to international exchanges between Korean and foreign local governments.

Congratulations, Atty. Spencer Palen, on this incredible opportunity!