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I. We will encourage Inter-LGU Relations

  • Encouragement of inter-barangay collaboration for programs, projects, and activities with inter-jurisdictional coverage
  • Inter-Municipal collaboration and partnerships for socio-economic services and activities
  • Improve participation in the Regional Development Council and other Regional Special Bodies
  • Improve involvement in the Cagayan de Oro River-basin Management and Development Council
  • Improve involvement in the Macajalar Bay Development Authority

II. We will improve the Access to Basic Utilities: Electricity and Potable Water

  • Assessment of the electric power distribution in the city and ensuring that no household is without access to electric power
  • Active engagement in the discussion, rehabilitation, and improvement in the distribution of potable water in the city
  • Prompt the inventory mapping of the water supply in the city (ground and surface water)
  • Consolidate all the players in the water generation and distribution in the city and formulate and implement a comprehensive plan to ensure a sustainable supply of potable water in the city

III. Establishing a SMART City: Utilization of Information and Communication Technology and Data Sciences

  • Enforcement of the ordinance requiring establishments to install CCTVs
  • Utilization of both privately owned and government-owned ICT infrastructures to address traffic problems, criminality, and emergency responses
  • Requiring all City Government Offices and Barangay Centers to have internet connectivity
  • In coordination with TELCOs, ensure that there is free WIFI in all 80 Barangays
  • Encourage research in the improvement and innovation of government processes and delivery of public services

IV. Physical Connectivity: Road Networks and Commercial Hubs

  • Update and endorse for National Budget Appropriation the Road-Network Development Plan for Cagayan de Oro City
  • Update and endorse for National Budget Appropriation the Road-Network Connectivity between Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental, and between Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, and Lanao del Sur.
  • Identify commercial convergent centers and establish trading and consolidation hubs in these areas.
  • Establish strategic trading posts, slaughterhouses and dressing plants, and cold storage facilities


I. We will continue to encourage Constructive Peoples Engagement

  • Accreditation of Civil Society Organizations in the barangays and in the City government
  • Reinforce the participation of CSOs in government special bodies at all levels
  • Regular consultative activities with CSOs with the City Mayor and the Sangguniang Panglungsod
  • Re-establishment and institutionalization of the City Poverty Reduction Action Center (CPRAC) as a facilitative space for the engagement of CSOs
II. We will promote Accountability and Transparency in government processes

  • We will review the citizens’ charters to streamline processes
  • We will institute the assessment of the performance of employees under the City government
  • We will ensure that updated records of government transactions are appropriately posted on the transparency boards
  • We will institute the inclusion of CSOs in the monitoring and evaluation of government programs, projects, and activities
 III. We will extensively promote the development of Trade and Economic Enterprises
  • Improvement and establishment of more Economic Enterprises in the City
  • Promotion of the collaborative space for MSMEs in the Barangays
  • Extensive promotion of investment potentials in the City
 IV. We will continue to encourage Public-Private Partnerships in the implementation of projects and establishment of Economic Enterprises
  • Regular development and posting of PPP investment opportunities
  • Regular review of incentives for PPP investments
  • Reinforce the facilitation of PPP investments
V. Improvement of the Capacities of Barangay Workers
  • Capacity-building activities for barangay committees and special bodies
  • Capacity-building activities for Barangay Secretaries and Treasurers
 VI. Improvement of Revenue Generation
  • Review of the Revenue Code of the City
  • Prompt and transparent assessment of Real Property Taxes
  • Ensure the collection of taxes
VII. Data-driven Management of and Upgrade of Public Services
  • Establishment and maintenance of One-Stop Shops for processing of documents
  • Centralize data-banking of all transactions
  • Improve the functionality of the CBMS and GIS Unit to consolidate information about the City from the environment and natural resource information, land maps, and socio-economic indicators


I. We will ensure Universal Health Care coverage for all families in the City
  • Improved preventive services of Barangay Health Stations
  • Free Hospital Services for everyone in the City Hospitals
  • Every family in Cagayan de Oro will have Health Insurance
 II. We will improve Education and Technical Skills Development Quality
  • Improvement of the quality of the K-12 Program
  • Expanded Technical Skills Development Program
  • Expanded scholarships for tertiary education
III. We will work to ensure and sustain Food Security
  • Improve the production of food crops in the city
  • We will institute improvement in the movement of food crops and agricultural products to, through, and from the city
  • We will encourage investments in food preservation and food processing activities to increase shelf lives and stock-able food items for external markets and for local utilization during disasters and calamities
  • Develop a regularly updated food production and supply inventory
IV. We will ensure that Cagayan de Oro will be a City of Peace and Order
  • Reinforce the programs for the reduction of substance abuse
  • Reduce incidences of criminality by reinforcing the capacities of COCPO and the intelligence communities
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration programs for offenders
  • Efficient technology-assisted Traffic Management
  • Effective and consistent enforcement of National and Local Laws and Ordinances
  • People’s participation in the maintenance of Peace and Order by employing volunteer force multipliers
V. We will ensure that the City, its communities, and households are Disaster Resilient
  • CDRRMC regular upgrading
  • BDRRMC strengthening and improvement
  • Household preparedness
  • Business Resilience
VI. We will reinforce programs and activities for Environmental Protection
  • Strict implementation of Solid Waste Management policies
  • Construction of Flood Control infrastructures
  • Rehabilitation and construction of Sewage and Drainage Systems
  • Enforcement of ordinance regarding the use of Easements and Open Spaces
  • Strict implementation of Clean Air Management policies
  • Strict implementation of Clean Water Management policies
  • Installation of Slope Protection and River Bank Protection
  • Improve involvement in the Cagayan de Oro River basin Management and Development Council
    • Improve involvement in the Macahalar Bay Development Authority
VII. We will expand Social Protection programs
  • For the protection of Women and Children
  • For the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in all development activities
  • For the welfare of the Elderlies
  • For the improvement of parenting capacities of married couples and solo parents
  • For the welfare of Victims of Disasters and Calamities
  • For the protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / Indigenous Cultural Communities
  • For the welfare needs of members of the LGBTQ+ community
VIII. We will continue to provide Housing for the homeless, informal settlers, and those internally displaced by demolitions, disasters, and calamities
  • We will continue to do land-banking
  • We will continue to forge partnerships with real estate developers, humanitarian groups, and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • We will support Community-Mortgage initiatives for on-site developments and new relocations
  • We will continue to process and provide land titles to housing project recipients


I. Productivity improvement in Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Implement and invest in Market-Driven production programs for industrial crops, food crops, livestock, poultry and inland fisheries
  • Maintain and regularly update market information
  • Maintain and regularly update production and supply information
  • Encourage agri-business and the development of agro-enterprises
  • Reinforce and improve capacities of organizations of farmers and farm-workers
  • Institute the utilization of production plans
  • Institute the utilization of Mobile and Internet applications for data updating, production planning, production and market monitoring
  • Institute regularity of farm-gate price monitoring
  • Improve research and extension activities
  • Register and regularity update the registry of active farmers, farmworkers, and fisherfolks
  • Ensure access to crop insurance
II. Product Supply Chain Improvement
  • Institute regularity of Supply Chain assessment and product movement monitoring
  • Establish supply chain hubs where there are specific supply limitations
  • Establish logistics hubs and employ services of logistics providers
  • Register and regularly update the registry of traders, wholesalers, and retailers
III. Development of Heritage and Tourism Products and Destinations
  • Encourage and provide incentives for investments in the development of Tourism Destinations
  • Curate and promote all heritage and tourism destinations, activities, and services in the City
  • Employ tourism ambassadors and train local guides
  • Incentivize job-generation of tourism destination and tourism product and service providers
IV. Support for MSMEs
  • Intensify the registration and inventory of MSMEs
  • Improve and increase investments for MSMEs
  • Introduce innovations in MSME operations
  • Promote/provide avenues for the promotion of products of MSMEs
  • Incentivize job-generation of MSMEs
  • Establish and provide resiliency and relief packages for MSMEs / Encourage the insurance of MSMEs
V. Generation of Investments for Industries and Services
  • Establish a comprehensive registry of Industries and Services
  • Establish and promote a compendium of Industries and Services for investment promotions
  • Incentivize investments for specific industries and services (e.g BPO, Export of Processed Food, Manufacturing, etc)
VI. Employment: Job Generation and Job Security
  • Incentivize employment and job generation
  • Maintain and regularly update skills requirements of registered businesses
  • Maintain and regularly update employment and underemployment data of the City
  • Forge partnerships with industries for purposes of employment and job-placement
  • Encourage and monitor the compliance of employers with mandatory benefits and obligations
  • Encourage, support, and monitor off-site internet based / online employment (e.g. BPO, etc)
VII. Promote Cooperative development
  • Reinforce the advisory council of Cooperatives
  • Maintain an inventory of cooperatives and cooperative investments. Encourage, the establishment of commercial enterprises owned by cooperatives and encourage their involvement in the supply of goods and services needed by the City government.
VIII. Support and Promotion of Innovations: Enterprise and Product Innovations
  • Forge partnerships with the Academe and Industries for enterprise and product innovation and research
  • Establish and maintain or support an innovation program for product improvement and production processes improvement
  • Establish an investment pool for R&D, product innovation, and technology development
IX. Poverty Reduction: Improvement of Household Incomes and Savings
  • Establishment of updated Poverty Incidences of Households
  • Development of economic programs targeted to specific segments of poor families and households
  • Monitoring of Family Income, Expenditures, and Savings of recipient households of Poverty Reduction Programs
  • Support for the 4Ps initiatives through the established City Inter-Agency Committee
X. Collaboration with Business Chambers and Professional Organizations
  • Establishment and activation of an Economic Advisory Council
  • Involvement of the Business Chambers and Professional Organizations in all Economic Planning Activities, and Economic Program Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
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