Tuesday, 29 June 2021 14:08


Written by Oro TIPC

The SBIR Portal is the home of the city’s mentoring program where entrepreneurs or those who would like to start their entrepreneurial journey can find free information and resources on how to start and how to sustain a business.

The content is organized into three (3) types. First, there are the Courses. Right now, there are 19 courses offered with one-on-one mentoring available for selected courses. The courses are searchable by content category. Each one is broken down into small easily digestible lessons either in narrative, slides or videos that are downloadable.

Many are originally written for SBIR. The course on ECommerce websites for example has “When is a Facebook page not enough,” what you need to know about hosting, platforms, design, content and maintaining your site. All explained in simple Bisaya friendly manner and universally applicable.

The second type of content is the blog, which contains updates on programs and other MSME-worthy news. The third and last type of content are the “Useful Links” which can be found under Resources.

While all launch courses are open to the public, future courses will require registration. Registrants will have their own Dashboard, which shows course progress, grants points for completion, and issues Certificates of Completion.

We invite all of you to check out the SBIR Portal the gateway free to information and resources for MSMEs. Just go to smallbizcdo.ph

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