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Investment Priority Areas* | Advantages
  • Agribusiness
    • Direct access to rich agricultural resources of Mindanao
    • Region has one of PH largest poultry and hog population with excellent breeding stock
    • Presence of various meat and fruit processing facilities
  • Tourism
    • Premier whitewater rafting and kayaking
    • Ideal jumpoff point to prime tourism destinations
    • Choice hotels, restaurants, shopping venues, in pace with new normal

Special attention sector:  MSMEs

  • 99.37% of all businesses registered (2019)
  • Focus of COVID-recovery coaching

Investment Incentives

*Per Section 15 of Investment Incentives Code 2018, shall consist of two (2) parts the Mandatory Investment Priority Areas (MIPA) and the Local Investment Priority Areas (LIPA), and shall be reviewed periodically by the Local Investments and Incentives Board.